Nailed It!

I considered that since I had a couple of the very small room air conditioners sitting around doing nothing, and that we have a hundred degree weather upon us, I will just install one of them in Waylon and Willy’s doghouse. I studied it a little bit and saw how it could be done fairly easy. So I got some two by fours cut and got my nail gun out and proceeded to put together the frame. In the third shot of the nail gun, it shot double. The first nail went into the wood. The second nail, due to the recoil, went past the board and into my second and third fingers as I held the board. I laid the nail gun down and looked at my fingers and said to myself, “Well I’ll be! I shot myself in the finger!” My first thought was to go to an urgent care facility, but it was too early in the morning for that. I did not want to go to ER. So I said, “You’ll just have to get it out yourself.” I also knew I had better do it quickly while the fingers were still in shock, before the pain sets in. Working quickly, as I could tell the numbness was already starting to wear off, I went and got a pair of plyers and went to the bathroom where there was some alcohol, and proceeded to pull on the nail. It would not budge. Those coated, ring-shanked sixteen penny nails really hold, even in a finger! I knew I would have to twist and pull, and that I did, and that with force. I was glad to see it start moving, and I worked it on out. I got it washed with alcohol and bandaged up, and went back out and finished getting the AC installed. I also spent the morning painting and doing some other miscellaneous things around the house. Later, I met with an electrician and we did some work together and finished out the day.

Sometimes life hits us with the unexpected. We can either panic or praise God that it was not worse than it was, and deal with the situation and move on. One thing is always certain, in whatever situation we find ourselves, we can know that God is there to help us and make a way to deal with it. KJV says it like this: “God is faithful who…will with the temptation…make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it” (1 Corinthians 10:13). When the trials hit, know that through the work of Jesus, God is there to impart grace to enable us to do what needs to be done to overcome. All the glory goes to God in Jesus’ name. And by the way, at this moment my phone says it is 101 degrees outside, and I checked on them and Waylon and Willy are now snoozing in their air conditioned dog house.


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