For The Dry Season

Back in the 90’s I worked as a landscaper for Ouachita Baptist University. One hot, dry summer, like we are experiencing in central Arkansas at this time, I was introduced to water retaining gels and surfactants. When the soil really gets dry, it won’t absorb water. There is a change in the molecular structure of the soil so water is repelled. That effect was demonstrated to me at a landscaping seminar. The man took a clear glass with dry peat moss in it. He poured water on top of the peat moss. The water just sat there. It was not soaking in. He then took a bottle of surfactant and squeezed out a good long squirt into the water. You could see how the water instantly started soaking into the dry peat moss. The “wetting agent” did the job at the molecular level, allowing the water to soak in. I was also introduced to water retaining gels that could be mixed in the soil to absorb moisture that the plant could draw on for an extended period of time. The crystals looked like rock salt, but when they swelled with water they were like large ice cubes of clear jelly. This was also used as an aid in the landscaping operation to help plants with getting water in hot, dry seasons.

Many people experience being “dry” spiritually. Their walk with the Lord is uneventful and mundane. They go to church but do not really experience the overflowing joy and solid peace that is portrayed in the Word of God. They don’t experience miracles like Jesus and the early church demonstrated. They feel trapped in life with no hope of change. Dry. No water to be had. But, there is a holy surfactant that can change all that. It is to get before the Lord in your “prayer closet” and lay out your life to him and ask him to do the work in you by the power of his Spirit to fill you with his Spirit. Jesus said if you are thirsty and come to him, he will give you living water so you don’t thirst again (John 4:14; 7:37-39). That is a wonderful promise. Plus, that same Spirit coupled with the Word, will be a constant source of thirst quenching life which you can draw on daily. That is your holy water retaining gel. If our religious doctrine or thinking does not allow us to pursue God for his fullness as he has demonstrated in his Word, then we need to change our thinking and our doctrine and just believe and follow the Word of God. It is either that, or we will just be like that glass of peat moss with the water just sitting there, available, but not soaking in. We remain dry as a bone while all the time, with just one good soaking of the Holy Spirit, we could be experiencing abundant life. Jesus freely gives the abundant life and power of the Holy Spirit.


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