God’s Program

God has one program consisting of three parts, to preach, pour, and present: Preach the gospel, pour the Spirit into believing vessels, and present the total salvation available through Jesus Christ to every person on the globe.

Preach the gospel, the good news. In this, the finished work of Jesus for every person is proclaimed so that sins are forgiven, sicknesses are healed, demons are cast out, and on certain occasions, the dead are raised – “freely you have received, freely give” (Matthew 10: 7, 8). There is water baptism which is the believers’ public identification with Christ showing their old life is buried and they are now raised into a new life with one purpose, to do the will of God. Baptism is administered immediately or soon after one’s commitment to Christ by another believer and follower of Christ. There is daily fellowship and “breaking bread” together which includes “communion” in which is the purpose of the broken body and the shed blood of the Lord remembered. In this there is a daily personal examination to overcome sin, divisions, and schisms so that we remain one united body in agreement in Christ. It also helps remind us that his broken body has healed our sicknesses and his shed blood has removed our sin.

Pour the Spirit into believing vessels. In this, the supernatural power of God fills and is allowed to rest on the physical body of the believer for strength, guidance, and comfort. Also, the Spirit provides supernatural “gifts” or “manifestations” in order to carry out the will of God in the face of a supernatural enemy.

Present Christ to every person on the globe. In this, there is discipleship training to train others to train others in a process of duplication. These three basic elements and practices are taught and transmitted to others for them to live in this way and teach and transmit to others the same way. This is how it all started, and as we continue in simply carrying out God’s program, God’s kingdom on earth will spread and people’s lives will be enriched, all to the glory of God and praise to the name of Jesus.


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