It Was There All the Time

With a copper theme in the kitchen, we were looking for just the right light fixture over the sink. The red ceramic one just did not fit. The search went on for weeks and months, just keeping it in mind as shopping took place, looking for just the right one. Of course, we wanted it to be unique, and I personally like metal work, so I preferred metal in some way. Over time, pictures were taken of fixtures and sent to the wife for approval or disapproval, but just the right fixture was never found. Before Christmas I made a special effort, as it would be a perfect gift, but none was found. Barb and I was standing in the kitchen discussing the fixture, and there was a copper tea pot sitting on top of the cabinet along with other copper pots and pans around the top for décor. We looked at it and I said, “I can make a fixture out of that.” “You can,” she replied, “why that would be perfect!” So within an hour, after taking the jig saw to the bottom of it with a metal cutting blade and drilling a hole through the handle and another slight modification, and cleaning the inside a little, it was ready to hang. The old came down and the wire was run through the new fixture and the perfect, unique light fixture over the sink now graces our kitchen. It was there all the time.

The good news of Jesus Christ is that through Christ, God’s provisions to meet every need of mankind are already provided through the perfect righteousness and sacrificial work of Jesus Christ. Religion works so hard to make it with God. You gotta do this and you gotta do that, and there is a scripture to back up every move. We can look for peace here and we can look for peace there, this way and that. We can look high and we can look low. All the time, the perfect, unique answer for our personal needs is sitting right there on the cabinet in the person of Jesus Christ, the Word of God, waiting for us to take possession of him by faith and apply him to our lives. When we get wired up to him, the light of his power and ability shines brightly in our life. It took me an hour to go from a realization of the possibility to the living reality of the perfect light fixture. Sometimes it takes a moment to get us from the realization of the possibility that we can be cleansed from sin, healed in our body, or whatever we need, to experiencing the living reality. If we will hang with the Word, embracing it, confessing it, and taking action on it, the possibility can become the reality in our life. We cannot lose by submitting our life to God and believing the good news of Jesus Christ. He indeed is the Light of the world.


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