Just Let the Dust Fly

With my wife’s vision of how nice it would be to open up two rooms together by the removal of a part of a wall, we proceeded to undergo a small remodeling project in our house. Of course, that wall was a load-bearing wall, with electrical receptacles and switches. To facilitate the progress of the project, I cut a hole in the ceiling to save this seventy one year old body from crawling the length of the house in the low attic. I said I would not do jobs anymore crawling in attics, and I intend to stick by those words. I can repair the ceiling. I don’t want to be repairing my body. With me and the electrician working together, we got the electrical done. With some carpenter work on my part in the attic to span the area of the removed wall, I got it sufficiently supported. Once I got the gluing, screwing, bolting, and bracing work done in the attic, I replaced the ceiling I had cut out, and at this writing, I am in the process of finishing the sheetrock. A doorway was removed and a half wall was created on the backside of the kitchen cabinets which needed sheetrock work along with the channel that had to be cut out to re-direct the wiring. Oh yes, we also moved a section of the upper kitchen cabinets to a different location in the room. The house is a dusty mess with more dust yet to come as I continue finishing the sheetrock. Barb likes to have a neat house, something which she must forfeit having for about two weeks. That’s the price to pay for a vision of change for something better and more desirable.

When we get a vision of the next level of what God wants us to walk into, there usually must be some tearing out of some walls, some cutting some holes to expose what is inside, and some supportive reconstruction. Our neat little spiritual house will suffer the dust and debris of remodeling when God works on us to bring us into a greater glory. None of us need to think that we have attained. There is always more. Jesus himself is our example. We are to be conformed to his image. We are not there yet. We need to ask God to bring us further along, then be prepared for changes to start happening in our lives. God does not bring evil. He has come to deliver us from evil so we are positioned to be blessed by him. That is what God’s heart is, to bless every person on earth to the max. That is why Jesus gave his blood and broken body – that we might live in his presence, his power, and unto his glory. There is liberty and healing for us in every way if we will take it. As we pursue God for more, we need to just go for it and let the dust fly!


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