We have now launched our vessels into the ocean of 2022! Some have a destination in mind and some do not, but one thing for sure, we are all now sailing into this year ahead with no turning back. How we handle our vessel with the winds we encounter will determine where we go and how fast we get there. A sea-worthy vessel with all the communication and navigation equipment available is more likely to weather the storms than the one which in need of repair and lacking. The sea-worthiness is our responsibility. A good wind is God’s responsibility. Jesus gave us a guide for sailing into this year. If we will hear it and apply it, we can make our journey with good success. That guide is what is commonly called “The Lord’s Prayer” (Matthew 6:9-15). In this guide, all our daily life is covered in proper order. There is worship. There is putting God’s will and ways first. There is daily trust and dependence on him for our daily spiritual and physical sustenance, and “good winds”. There is dealing with keeping our “boat” in good repair as we assist others to repair their boats. There is dealing with contrary winds ahead of time, and drawing on supernatural help when the storm winds hit us. In this prayer guide, set in the context of “our” Father, we are in a redemptive mode to help others along the journey – give “us”, forgive “us”, lead “us”, and deliver “us”. It is not give “me”, forgive “me”, lead “me”, and deliver “me”, because those who carry the light of God in their vessels are sailing on the ocean of life to help and guide others to receive the light. As Jesus identified with humanity in order to make their vessels worthy to sail, so do we come alongside each other in prayer. We can’t point the finger. We realize that we must keep our boat in good repair just like everybody else, maybe in a different area, but we must tend to our boat just like everybody else. So before God the Father and Jesus Christ our Savior, by the power of the Spirit of God, we pray, and give ourselves to obey the will and ways of God on the journey each day. There is a law in the kingdom of God. We reap what we sow. Jesus made a clear explanation at the end of his example of how to pray. He explicitly pointed out that if we did not forgive those who have done us wrong, if we are going to hold it against others for their hole in the boat, then we will go without help in getting the hole in our boat repaired. If Jesus had not helped us because we hurt him and did him wrong, then we would all be lost and sink in the sea. But he came alongside us and fixed it. That is how we pray, and God will make the way.


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