Make It Count With God

I am writing this article on Election Day, November 3, 2020. I just heard an account on the radio about a mother and her toddler early this morning in another state standing in a long line in 30 degree weather to vote. Finally, with this record voter turnout, after being there for about 45 minutes, the toddler was crying constantly. A stranger, just about to enter the building, aware of what was going on in the back of the line, checked with other line-standers behind him and made his way back to the mother. With the consent of the other line-standers, the mother was allowed to “break line” and get into the building to vote.

These are the values, and the people, that make America great. These are the freedoms and rights that brave men and women gave their lives to establish and protect. This is the basic decency, kindness, and consideration that maintains a strong society and nation. God is having his way in this election today. A vote is a signed contract that places a person in agreement with the policies, practices, and provisions of a governing administration. It also places you in agreement with the rewards or punishments reaped. It is a seed sown in the field of life that produces a harvest that is for the good of all or for the detriment of all. We will give an account for the seeds sown. Any time we stray from Biblical directions and values, we are sowing bad seed. We just need to read the Bible to see what happens.

The great red wave for America is not that of a political party. The great red wave for America is a tsunami of the cleansing blood of Jesus to wash our sins away for how we have strayed from the Bible way of doing things and from following the ways of Jesus Christ. Education is vital to all, but education alone is not the answer. There are highly educated people who are leading opponents to the God way of life. To get back to the founding principles of our country, we are to mix good education with godly consecration to what God has shown us in his word as our guide to life. We have been seeing what happens when God is taken out of society. Now, it is up to each of us to cast our vote with Jesus Christ, to personally consecrate ourselves to him in a fresh and new way, and ask him to indeed be the Lord of our lives. This is the great red wave of the cleansing blood of Jesus that will enliven our spirits and renew our minds to the counsel of God for ourselves and for our children and grandchildren and for generations to come. Because of what Jesus did for us, we have an opportunity to “break line” and get ahead with God. Let us not miss this golden opportunity to make it count with God.


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