What Is Your Windmill?

About forty years ago my Mom and Dad collected white, crystalline rocks and Dad built an ornamental windmill on the home place. It measured about five and a half feet across at the base and about nine feet tall. When we moved to Benton, it became a desire of ours to move the windmill to our new place in Benton. People said it could not be done, that it would fall apart. But, we did get it moved without it coming apart because my Dad built things well. Since the lattice blades had finally been broken off or had just been removed, it became my task to build new blades. I had three pieces of the blades about eight inches long from the hub of the sealed bearing shaft that showed me the angle my Dad had built the original blades, plus, I found some pictures stored in our computers that had the windmill in them. By studying these pieces and the pictures, I was able to duplicate what my Father had done. Now, the next step is to restore the little wooden split rail fence around the edge of the concrete deck that encircles the rock tower, then replace the little wooden door and window, and the stairs that goes from the deck to the ground. It will all be built from Arkansas Red Cedar and varnished with clear exterior varnish, to match the hand-crafted lattice blades. My wife and I installed the varnished blades today, at this writing, and the rest is yet to come. Today, after careful balancing of the lattice blades, the gift of a light steady breeze put the blades into a gentle, quiet, rotation adding life to the unique heirloom yard ornament. We can enjoy that piece every day as we look out across our yard.

Good things come to us in life as we desire them, plan for them, work hard to get them, and by sometimes attempting what others say cannot be done. Then, to put the finishing touches on things, we must study diligently what the Father does and do just what he did. That is what Jesus did and his life is still blessing millions today. Like Jesus, if we will give ourselves to just do what the Father is doing, then we, too, will know the fruit of life that comes only from Father God. Jesus made the way for us to do this, but if we just let the windmill sit there and don’t go for it, we miss the daily blessing that could be ours. If you have a desire in your life that is good and righteous, whatever your windmill is, take the proper steps and go for it. Get it, enjoy it, and give praise to God for it. In everything his name is to be exalted and glorified, and as you enjoy life as it comes from following Him, so can your neighbors enjoy it as they drive by and observe.


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