Ride Out With Joy

In preparation for one of Barbara’s great grand’s birthday party here at the house, I cleaned up the lawn mower and the little 33” x 48” yard wagon that it pulls. I had a six inch thick piece of foam rubber that I cut to fit inside the little buggy. I had some various colored foam noodles that I had in the shop attic. I took the noodles (4’ long round pieces of foam with a hole through the middle of it), and by splitting the noodles, I was able to expand them and mount them on the top of the four sidewalls of the cart. This offers a festive color and protection on the top metal edge of the cart. I had a discarded flannel blanket in the shop that I was going to use for dog bedding. It has the well known kid cartoon characters on it of SpongeBob. I put this on the foam floor of the cart and firmly tucked it in around the edges. So now I have a colorful “kid cart” that I will use to give rides around the yard at the party. Kids, and everybody, like to go for a good ride. We have 1.6 acres, and with a trail through a small patch of woods on one side of the yard and a creek on the other side, and a windmill and fountain in the front yard, I will be able to ride them around points of interest. It has been suggested that we even give them tickets for the ride that they can give to the “wagon master” for the ride. With a beautiful day predicted, we are looking forward to the event.

Believers in Christ, who are looking for his return, have a ride ahead of them that will be the thrill of thrills. Much preparation has gone into the event for each believer. Death has been conquered and the life of God imparted. Jesus has gone ahead to prepare mansions in the house of the Father for his followers to dwell in forever. His promise is to come again and receive us to himself so we can dwell in the place he has prepared for us. Whether we go ahead of that great day by falling asleep in his arms, or we go up to meet him in the air, it is wonderful to have the confidence knowing that he will receive us unto himself. We can know it is not by our goodness or righteousness that we have done, but by the preparations that he has made for us. He took the beating and died on the cross to save us from our sicknesses and sins. He conquered death and rose from the grave to impart his eternal life to those who believe. He went back into heaven and sits by the Father’s right hand interceding for us that we make it through to the end with him. By his preparations, we can ride out with joy.


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