Keep This in Mind

“Keep this in mind…” is a phrase we often use when passing along important information to others. Sometimes it is helpful to have a physical thing, something tangible, to help us remember important stuff. We have a little oval ornamental fishpond with a fountain measuring 29” x 49” that I built in our front yard. We have had goldfish in it for years. Right now we are down to only two being in there. But from time to time, due to evaporation, I have to add water. I also run water to overflow it from time to time to flush it to make it fresh and clear. There have been times I have run the water hose to it to flush it and gone about my business and forgotten I had it running full blast. Several hours later when it was remembered, need I say, the pond was extremely clear and the lawn was very well watered, which was reflected on the next month’s elevated water bill. So, I wrote myself a note on a piece of paper, “Water Running”. I keep that note by the back door. Anytime I turn that water hose on to add water or flush the pond, I get that note and I carry it around with me in hand. I don’t put it in my pocket and I don’t lay it down. If I have to lay that note aside to do anything, that thing just does not get done right then. The note stays in hand. This physical, tangible thing keeps me reminded the water is running and it must be tended to. Otherwise, I will end up wasting a lot of good water and it will cost me.

The Lord gave us a one-time physical thing to do when we commit our lives to him – be baptized in water. He gave us an on-going thing to do to keep us reminded of what he has done for us, to keep us flushed spiritually clean and to keep us healthy and whole – take communion. It is a physical, tangible thing we are to do to remember his broken body given for our sicknesses, and his shed blood given for our sins. We are reminded that he came to take our sicknesses and our sins away. With respect and reverence to what he did for us, we are to honor him by appropriating his work and sacrifice by faith so we can receive the benefit unto the praise and glory of his name. He said “as often as you…” do this thing, not specifying how often to take communion (1 Corinthians 11: 23-33). So, I take it every morning. I carry it in memory daily. I break a cracker and take a sip of juice reminding me that he took a beating to make me healthy and he sacrificed himself to make me holy. By faith in Jesus Christ, I can continue to carry out his work living in the healing presence of God.


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