Snakes Alive

With a menagerie of birds and animals on the place. I was always collecting stuff
with which to build pens, sheds, etc. One day I was investigating a goose nest under a stack of old roofing tin, and I raised up some of the pieces of the tin to discover a huge nest of baby copperhead snakes held within the confines of their big fat momma curled up around them . I gently eased the layers of back down and with heart pounding, I ran and got my pump 20 guage shotgun that held six shots. I thought, “I’m gonna take care of these babies before they get away!” I got back and eased the tin up again and quickly propped it against the building and stepped back with gun at hip, unloading the whole thing on them. Much to my surprise, all my “rifleman” shooting technique did was blow live little snakes all around the area! Now I had little snakes crawling everywhere, in all directions, and a big live momma snake still laying there, and an empty gun in hand! By the time I found a hoe or something to kill them, I think some had gotten away, but I did get some of them.

There is power in believing prayer to deal with situations and to deal with the
enemy of our soul. We can shoot from the hip and just produce a lot of hot air, or
we can learn to aim the word of God at a specific target in faith and put that thing to rest. Our basis of faith is the work that Jesus Christ accomplished for us. The word says Jesus is our “great high priest” who understands our weaknesses and frailties because he was tempted with the same stuff we have to deal with, but he never sinned. So when we come to him and submit our failings to his cleansing blood, and rely on his goodness and his faith, then his power is given to aim right on the situation so we can deal with it with his help. Jesus taught that what things you desire, believe that you receive them when you pray, and you will have them, as long as you are not carrying any unforgiveness in your heart. Unforgiveness will stop the operation of your faith (Mark 11: 22-26). Having prayed in such a way, then you hold your confession of receipt of what you prayed and you don’t back down. On the basis of Jesus, we are to come boldly to God to find mercy and grace to find help in time of need (Hebrews 4: 14-16). You don’t have to just sit there and let the snakes grow up to bite you later. Take aim and shoot to kill!


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