Sweet Sleep

asleep in car seatIt seems there is no sweeter sleep than lying down in the back seat of a car while traveling as a kid. I can remember back before seat belts (thank God for seat belts today), that we would go on a road trip of some kind and I would get in the back seat of the car and oh how good it felt to lay down in that moving, jostling car and drift off into blissful sleep. Such rest was so comforting and so complete. It certainly made a lasting memory for me!

There is a sweet and complete rest available to every person traveling on this road of life. There are many kinds of religion, there are myriads of beliefs and different slants on beliefs, and of course there is no end to the differences in everyone’s personal opinions. In all these variables, there is no real resting place. Who is right, who is wrong? It is confusion. But, there is one factor that does not change that is solid as a rock. It is established forever for every person whether we believe it or not. It has nothing to do with what we can do for God, but rather, what God has done for us. God saw our condition of sin separating us from him and established a blood covenant through the blood that was spilled from his Son Jesus Christ. This is a permanently fixed legal agreement in the universe. God has sworn by the blood of Jesus to take our sins away and write his laws in our hearts and minds to enable us to know him. This is a done deal. It is ours to receive or reject. When we plug in to this and stay plugged in, it will light up our life and give sweet inward peace and rest. If we are not plugged in to this, we remain in the darkness of being separated from God now and for all eternity. In such separation there is no real peace or rest. But, hearing the good news of what Jesus has done for us and turning from sin to commit our life to him is the faith that plugs us in. Then, when we wake up at the end of the journey and see Jesus face-to-face, it won’t be an encounter of eternal judgment and of not knowing him. By plugging in to God’s eternal covenant, we can enjoy his presence each day here and now, and on that day we can wake up in the refreshing of being in his presence forever. (Hebrews 6:16,17; 8:10-13; 10:16-39)


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