Soupy Concrete Wrongly Handled

Years ago I was working with a contractor building a house real close beside a lake on a steep slope. We put the step down boards in the footing, the ditch into which you pour the concrete for the foundation for the house. The step down boards are little dams to hold the concrete in a level position for a distance, then, as you go down the slope you put another one to hold that amount of concrete in a level position, continuing that procedure for the duration of the slope. The steeper the slope, the more step down boards are required. This is done so blocks can be laid on the footing, on the foundation, in a level position so you can build the house level. This was a steep slope so we had lots of step down boards. The concrete truck backed up to the top of the area we had laid out to build the house. He revved up the large tank holding the concrete to mix it up real good. The contractor said “Let’s take a look at it”, to check the consistency of the pour. That was just to be a small sample to see. The driver put the chute over the top of the ditch on one slope of the future building, and shot out a large “sample”. Wham! That soupy concrete hit that first dam and sent it sailing. Wham! Wham! Wham! Right on down the slope it went, sending the little dams flying, the concrete flowing right into the lake. Too much at once, too soupy, given with too much force – we had to do that part all over again.

Sometimes there are bad experiences in church. People can be bad and do bad things and make bad mistakes that hurt others and lead others astray. But whatever you must do, in the face of life now and in the face of eternity, do whatever you must do to get your foundation right. What happened, happened. Those folks won’t give account for you before God, you will give account for you before God. Build your dams back. Make sure the mix is good before you pour it into the ditch. Then, work it down the slope slowly and gently. Get the solid Rock foundation of Jesus Christ, his righteousness, his promises, his power, and his blessings in your life. Don’t let someone else’s mistakes or your own mistakes keep you from having the house on the Rock with a peaceful view of the lake. In Christ there is forgiveness for you, new life, power through the Holy Spirit to live a full and joyous victorious life for you, your household, and for all people who will receive his Word and Spirit. Walking with God in love and power is the destiny God has for every person in Christ Jesus the Lord. Crown him as your Lord and let all baggage of the past go. Get your house built in Jesus and live!


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