Spotlight on Joy

I guess you could call my wife the Lady of Lights. We have solar lights scattered throughout our 1.67 acre place, and she started putting Christmas lights out in both the front and back yards at the beginning of October. She started so early because she has so many to put out, and, she just loves Christmas and everything associated with it. When some people offered her their wonderment at her putting them out so early, I offered her some justification by reminding her that the stores were already putting Christmas stuff out at that time. She took my consolation and kept right on trucking, which she would have done anyway without my input. The spotlight that shone on JOY in the back yard went out. The light itself had been immersed in water a couple of times due to the Noah level of rain that we received, and it corroded to such a degree that it no longer burned. With a flat headed screwdriver I scraped around on the inside of the base and wiped it sort of clean with a paper towel. We put a new bulb in it and it shone brightly. We decided to try the old bulb and we were surprised to see it burn, but only dimly. It did not burn brightly enough to be put back into the place that it had occupied. It was no longer qualified to fulfill its original “call”. Oh! There we both knew, that will preach!

When we become immersed in the elements of life, corrosion sets in, which if not attended to, will completely put our light out. We have no real testimony of Jesus. Or, even worse still, we keep professing to know him, but the light we give is seen by others to be corrupted, and whatever respect for the gospel that had been gained, is lost. Jesus said if the salt has lost its savour, it is good for nothing but to be cast out (Matthew 5:13). I personally don’t want to be useless, dirty salt, not good for any nutritional purpose but fit only to be thrown out. If the cares of this life have corrupted us, we need to own up to it and deal with it, if we are going to be in the kingdom of God. If we lose the qualification of our original calling, by repentance and faith in Jesus we can at least be saved even if it is yet so as by fire (1 Corinthians 4:15). God is merciful to those who turn to him with a true heart. When God cleans you up, he will put a new bulb in your life that will shine brightly. With the new bulb in that cleaned up fixture, the word JOY now shines brightly in our back yard. Let God clean your fixture up and put a new bulb in your spiritual socket, and JOY will shine brightly in your yard, too.


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