A New Season of Life

I notice since the last low temps we have had the leaves have really turned brown, and a lot of stuff that was sort of hanging on with color met its final denouement. The role has been played, the work has been done, the season has been served, and it is time for the glory of what has been, to pass on into the next glory of what is to be. The beauty of the cycle of life is that there is a grand design in all things, and as we acquaint ourselves with the Designer, we find peace and consolation, and thanksgiving in all things. As we see and understand to some degree the grand design that God, the Designer, created and put into motion, we can truly know thanksgiving from our innermost being. Much of what we don’t understand, in our acquaintance with him, we can know that he who is good, he who is just, he who is compassionate and he who is of tender mercies, knows all about it and is working his goodness for us in the midst of all the twists, turns, and blows of life. We are only finite in our present place, but he is infinite, and through our trust in him we can draw strength, peace, and even joy in the midst of the “whatevers” of life. Sometimes life seems like looking at the backside of a tapestry with no perceived pattern to be seen, but when it is turned around to see the other side, we see the divine design that was worked in the midst of all that occurred. Central to God’s design is his Son, Jesus, and the work that he accomplished on our behalf. He did what he did, he gave himself as the sacrifice, to take our sin away so we can live a life connected to God by the indwelling life of God. For this we can be thankful.

No matter what the seasons of life, the Son is given for all. It only makes good sense to submit to what God has provided, to receive his life, which is eternal life, connected with God. The seasons come and go. The role is played, the season is served, and the time comes for all that the glory that has been known will pass on into a greater glory if we are in the life of God. He who is good, he who is just, he who is compassionate, and he who is of tender mercies, welcomes all finite ones who come to him just the way we are to be changed by him according to his infinite design. What a grand provision he offers to us in his Son Jesus Christ! Of all the things of which we can give thanks, the greatest thing of all is to be able to give thanks for Jesus Christ being our Savior and Lord. Please make sure you know him so that this is your supreme thanks before God as you enter a new season of life.


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