The Sky is the Limit

From early in life I always wanted to play the piano. My Mom and Dad gave me a guitar when I was a boy, and I learned to play it, but somewhere along the way I started wanting to learn the piano. I think it was when the ends of my fingers would hurt so much from pressing the strings, I thought, “Boy, it would be a lot easier to just peck on a flat piano key!” When I went to college I figured this would be just the right time. They have pianos in little practice rooms, and I could take an elective and learn to play the piano! Nope! I lasted one day in class and dropped it. It was like they were talking in a different language. Too far advanced for me at that point! So years rocked by. Long story short, I got myself a nice electronic keyboard for Christmas and started out 2020 with my own electronic keyboard. It came with its own operating manual, so now, the sky is the limit! It has over 554 “voices”, or different sounds. Most of the time I use only one voice: the Grand Piano. Another voice I enjoy is the Tremolo Electric Piano for certain songs, but there is organ voices, saxophone, guitar, percussion voices, and on and on it goes with all kinds of sounds. If a person has a mind to learn it, one can do just about anything with that keyboard in the way of making and managing sounds and music. You can make a car horn honking sound, a jet plane sound, laughing, a machine gun, on and on, not to mention all the different musical instruments. It is all there for application and for the benefit of all, but the key is what I said: “If a person has a mind to learn it”. The benefit of beautiful music played and enjoyed is in direct proportion to one giving oneself to learn and apply by practice.

It is the same in the things of God. Everything we need for every situation is there for us in the Lord. It is by faith in God, by the knowledge of the Word, and by the flow of the Spirit. That is Father, Son, and Spirit. I mean, everything we need is in him. There are 8,810 promises of his provision and ability, everything we need abundantly above all we are able to ask or think, but most people give themselves to know one thing, the voice of forgiveness. And that is great – to have possession of the “keyboard” and have forgiveness. But let me tell you, the Word must be revealed to us by the Spirit, and as we give ourselves to know the flow of the Spirit by practice, by actually yielding to him personally, then, and only then, will we experience the music of God’s glory manifested through Jesus Christ. The sky is the limit if we give ourselves to know Christ. 


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