Big Bird and the Cat

One day with Barb and one of her daughters, we were at the dining room window looking out into the back yard. Somebody said there’s a cat in the yard. I looked and found the cat that was blending in with the leaves that had fallen on the lawn. He was just sitting there in one frozen position. Then my eyes were drawn to an object which blended into the background about 7 feet in front of the cat. As I looked more intently I saw that it was “Big Bird”. That’s the name we have coined for the Great Blue Heron that hangs out in our creek. He was just standing there, like he was having a staring contest with the cat. I said, “Look at that. There’s Big Bird! That cat is trying to get Big Bird! I’ve got to video this!” As I reached for my phone the cat began to creep closer and Big Bird slowly launched up into his flight with his big wings lifting him safely in the air. We mused that the cat did not have a chance to take that big bird down, but he sure would not get anything if he didn’t try. Barb says it like this: “I had rather aim high and miss, than aim low and it hit it”. If that cat did get a hold of that bird, he probably would bring him down. That would be a loss for us. We enjoy seeing the bird hang around. If that cat was just content with mice and grasshoppers, he would not have been out there trying to get the big bird.

In the realm of spiritual things, if we desire to experience the big things found written in the Word of God, things that may seem out of reach to us, things that we might have tried to obtain but failed, then we must lay that past aside and “just go for it”.  Full provision is for every believer. If we are willing to give ourselves to obtain it, God will reveal himself and help us. We don’t need to be content to just hear about what God has provided. Why drive a broken down jalopy when there has been a brand new car paid for and the keys are offered? We need to learn how to receive the keys and operate them. Jesus suffered for us by taking a beating.  He went to the cross and gave himself for us as the perfect sacrifice before God. He did all this in order to take our sins away, heal our sicknesses, fill us with the Spirit with supernatural power and ability, and guide us daily in the Father’s plan for our life. He paid for all of it for us. If we don’t go for it by faith, then we don’t experience it. If that bird flew away, go again for him until you get him! Stubbornly persist to obtain God’s promises. He will perform his word.


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