Unlimited Fruitfulness

God’s heart is to save the world. He gave revelation and promise to Abraham that his seed would be unlimited, that there would be unlimited fruitfulness of his seed. God told Abraham his seed would multiply and be as the “stars of the heaven and as the sand which is upon the sea shore” so that “all the nations of the earth” would be blessed (Genesis 22:15-18). Jesus came along and carried out all God’s plan so that all those who are in Christ are of the seed of Abraham. Every believer is in the promise made to Abraham of unlimited fruitfulness. Remember, God’s heart is to save the whole world. This promise not only makes God’s working and power available to every household, but it extends to every person who God calls on the face of the earth, “every creature” (Mark 16:15; Acts 2:38,39). Paul had abundance of revelation so that he understood God’s promise to Abraham. After his encounter with the Lord, with the zeal that he had in persecuting Christians, he now had that same white hot zeal in getting the gospel out to the whole world so all could be saved. Because he had this “abundance of…revelations”, satan sent a “thorn in the flesh” to try to stop Paul (2 Corinthians 12:1-10). As Paul sought the mind of the Lord in the matter three times, he received from the Lord a revelation of grace that gave him understanding and enablement to defeat the enemy in every adversity and opposition. This revelation propelled him to the very end of his life, enabling him to finish his course with joy making him fruitful throughout his life, and, he is still winning souls world-wide today through his writings. His ministry will continue until Jesus comes, fulfilling the promise God made to Abraham of unlimited fruitfulness, as the sand of the sea and the stars of the sky.

This promise made to Abraham is for every believer in Jesus to have unlimited, compounding fruitfulness through the life of Christ that lives in us. Every believer has this same all sufficient grace available to exercise and grow in so that we overcome all things, enabling us to finish our course with joy with eternal treasures laid up in heaven to the glory of God. Remember, it is God’s purpose to save every person in the world. By us being born of his Spirit through faith in the perfect, finished work of Jesus, and by walking in the fullness of that Spirit, the influence of his life living through us will produce ever-increasing fruit through all eternity, all to the glory of God. This is his plan, his purpose, and his promise. Jesus came and put it in place in the earth, and the Holy Spirit is here to work through every believer to carry that plan out to completion. In this will of God for our lives, is true peace, joy, and eternal life in abundance.


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