Walking With God

As I sat in a doctor’s waiting room to have my 69 year old eyes checked, I had a short visit with a 93 year old lady who also was there for that purpose. In conversation about the virus, she stated that the good Lord is trying to tell us something. I agreed with her saying, “Yes, he had been telling us something for a long time, even before the virus. He has been telling us that he has given the earth over into the care of mankind, and that the wages of sin is death and destruction, and mankind will reap what he sows. He says he is here to help us but if we cut him out, then we are on our own and we will reap what we sow.” As she expressed her trust and committal to the Lord, she named off some of the more popular sins of today’s society. It was concluded that we all need to get right with God. It was obvious that she knew what sin was and she had a lifestyle of staying away from it. Her health and mentality was testimony to that.

There is an element of society in which we live who seems to not have a consciousness of sin. They have been taught that anything goes. When this 69 year old and the 93 year old were being raised, it was common to be taught love to God and man and moral values based on the Holy Bible, along with respect, integrity, manners, and truthfulness. I give recognition and gratitude to all of you who, like this lady, obviously maintain a lifestyle of being a basically good person. Here’s a word of wisdom for us all: “People are going to be people. When the things of life hits the fan, keep your heart pure, learn your lessons, take your correction and instruction, deal with the situation, then give it to God – let it go, and start new and fresh with what you have and move forward.” A pure heart is one that is free from malice, jealousy, un-forgiveness, anger, revenge, and anything ungodly and unedifying. And oh yes, we don’t need to forget fear and unbelief. Does this stuff and more hit us? Yes, sometimes daily, and daily we must humble ourselves before a merciful God and put him as the Lord of our lives instead of the stuff that is going on around us and in us. We have to let it go. The only way society will get cleaned up is that we each get cleaned up and stay clean before God. There is no room for finger pointing in this operation of things – just truth and justice. We can walk with a pure heart before God and truly hear from God, who is always in harmony with the way of the Word in all love, faith, truth, and righteousness. In this way Jesus, who is called the Word, can be Lord of our lives today.


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