God Will Flow Through Your Life

During the transition of moving from Arkadelphia to Benton and selling our place to my brother Joe, I came away from there with a large trailer load of large rocks. These rocks were hand-picked from the wild about 40 years ago by my Mom and Dad to build flower bed borders and other assorted things on the place. Many of these beds Joe did not want to keep and maintain, so we agreed that I could have the rocks that he did not want. Barb and I brought the rocks up here and unloaded them a couple of years ago and used some for bed borders, a rock bench, and a couple of rock tables, with lots of rocks left over. We had talked about a rock fountain in the front yard in the middle of the circle drive, and with the self quarantining time, that has become a reality. I dug the hole and put a farm-store fiberglass watering trough in it and went and bought several flagstones for the front border, then proceeded to build the fountain part. I had a piece of Firestone rubber sheeting that I had saved for many years for whatever, and that, without cutting or modifying, was laid over the dirt that I sloped to place the rocks on. Then I studied, chose, and placed each rock in just the right way to hopefully turn out to be a beautiful, functional fountain. Oh, and I had to have a pump, and I remembered a submersible, re-circulating pump that I had also saved for many years for whatever, and I am not sure where it came from. It fit down in there perfectly. I threaded a piece of water hose up through the rocks as I put them together. Finally, in an effort to get the desired natural water flowing look and sound, Barb suggested an unused clay pot that was sitting over by the pavilion to go on top. The hose fit in the hole in the bottom perfectly and with that we got the look, sound and flow that is perfect.

Lesson: God uses what he’s got to make the perfect, beautiful, fountain of living water to pour out into the earth. Each rock is important and is studied and hand-placed to fit into the Body of Christ to glorify the name of Jesus to the glory of God. Each one of us is to be who we are, and submit ourselves to the hands of God, and allow him to do his work in our lives. Not only will that be fulfilling to us, but we will be an instrument of blessing to those around us. You have been preserved for years for this purpose. Cooperate with God and enjoy the beauty of God’s hand flowing through your life in a greater way than you have ever known before.


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