Believing and Yielding

An avid deer hunter will scout out where the deer are, observe their habits and movements through the woods, and maybe even feed them to invite them to a certain area. When the deer season rolls around, the hunter gets his gear, goes to the location the deer are frequenting, loads his gun, and waits. Based on the evidence he has observed, this is the time and place the deer are moving, so he is loaded and ready to reap the harvest. The deer shows up just like he has observed in times past, he raises his gun, aims, and pulls the trigger. He is right on target, the deer goes down. There is meat for the table.

There is a lesson here about believing to be filled with the Spirit of God and yielding. First, the hunter wanted it bad enough to hang out where there was some manifestation.  You would not find a deer in mid-town New York in a fenced in apartment complex. You don’t find the Spirit of God where religious people and systems have him fenced out. Then, in his season, he makes personal preparations and goes to that place to obtain what he is looking for. Once in that place, and when what he desires shows up, he believes that if he will raise his gun and fire, he will get the deer. It would be crazy to get to that point and sit there and say to himself, “the Lord is going to give me a deer” and never raise his gun and fire. When you are hungry for the things of God, and you desire all God has for you, and you have seen that he can be real in your life with supernatural power, and you ask and believe, there is still something else for you to do. In faith, with your eyes on the target, you raise your gun and fire! Don’t just sit there! Act on your faith! Jesus said in Luke 11:9-13 if you will ask the Father for the Spirit to fill your life, he won’t disappoint and give you something other than the Holy Spirit of God, which comes complete with a supernatural prayer and worship language. That way, when you don’t know how to pray, you will have a supernatural weapon in your arsenal to help you. Once you have observed the truth of it in the Word, desired it, asked for it, and you are “sitting on the stand waiting”, know the Spirit of God is with you, in your place. Raise your gun and fire! Open your mouth, give it breath, trusting God to fill you with his power and gifts. Just like on the deer stand, if you believe you can get that deer by pulling the trigger, then do it. Keep pulling the trigger until it goes down. The things of God operate by faith and action. God’s part has been accomplished through Jesus Christ. Now, continue to do your part.


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