There It Is!

The family was together for food, fun, and fellowship, and with this gathering we were having pizza. I was out on an errand. When I returned Barb asked me if I knew where the pizza cutter was. I was informed that she and Phil, a son-in-law, had looked in every drawer, the dishwasher, and in every possible place it could be, but was nowhere to be found. It was not in its usual place, so “somebody” must have put it somewhere else. “So, you’ve looked in every drawer?” I asked. “Yes” was the reply. So as I tried to remember where I might have put it, and thinking of where I would start to look I muttered, “Hmmm, pizza cutter, pizza cutter,” I pulled out the drawer that holds miscellaneous things, and there it was right there before me. “So, you looked in this drawer?” I asked. Yes, they had looked in that drawer, but failed to see it. How often we experience this! We look right at things but we don’t see them. That is why it is often helpful to get a fresh pair of eyes on a matter. We “read into” matters what we don’t know or have not experienced and we fail to “see” the true picture.

This happens with the things of God and spiritual truths. We often see things through a pre-set or pre-programmed outlook, and we can’t see what is right there before us, and, it has been there all the time. This results in missing the benefit or benefits that can be experienced and enjoyed had we embraced and experienced that truth. Even with these articles that I write, I do my best to make sure every tee is crossed and every i is dotted, but when I have Barb to proof it, she often finds things that need correction. It is always good to get another set of eyes on things. Some plain, basic truths in the Word of God are there to be embraced and experienced for maximum benefit in life and to do the will of God. The finished work of Jesus offered as a gift, the new birth, the baptism of the Holy Spirit with supernatural gifts, healing, and miracles. These are all lying in the Word in plain sight.  Plus, there is a commission to take the gospel from the neighbor next door to the nations of the world with the power of God to demonstrate his mercy and goodness to all.  It’s all right there in the Bible in black and white. It takes a good amount of religious brainwashing and unbelief to open the book and read it, and not see it. A good prayer to pray is “Lord, open my eyes to let me see your Word and your Way, and help me embrace it for your blessing upon my life and the lives of those around me.” Just read it, don’t read into it. Just do it, don’t doubt it. There it is!


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